Lucy and Limitless !

This post is going to be a short one, but fun nevertheless . Have you watched these movies Lucy and Limitless already ?  If not, you have to watch them at least once.  They are good, with an interesting storyline about  the insane possibilities that emerge when you unlock the full potential of your brain.  Although founded on a myth , claiming that a using a very high percentage of the brain will lead to super human capabilities, they are decent and stir that desire in you to think what you could do when you unlock your full potential !

Both stories deal with drugs , and once the protagonists figure out the addiction part , they are unstoppable.  I’ll not spoil your fun if you haven’t watched the movies yet by going into details ! Au revoir.  I am going to watch them in French if they are available . You know, one of the perks of learning a new language is to watch content that you already watched without repeating yourself 😀

But guys, one friendly advice.  Drugs are almost always bad , unless you are already dying/in terrible pain and want to forget the world around you.   There is no justification in such dangerous endeavors, and definitely not worth it . They may appear harmless and you may regard yourself as someone above the effects of those drugs, but from numerous blogs and stories I have read, you will regret taking drugs , they will break down your will power and your life will crumble slowly but surely. So stay safe, stay healthy and cherish what you have instead of trying to live in some other reality !


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