Great Comics that everyone should read !

I have been reading comics for as far as I can remember. Nostalgic memories  if you ask me. Sitting alone for countless hours, immersed in another wonderful world, I was always the last person to leave the library ! Collecting comic strips from newspapers, waiting for the latest monthly comic digest .. oh those were really fun days in my childhood.

As if these weren’t enough, I also bought used comics for a few bucks in the weekly Sunday market .I frequently borrowed books from friends and neighbors , visited bookstores and sometimes read half a book before I came out of the store .

At first , there were historical classics and Indian mythology  from Amar Chitra Katha. Then came Chandamama and Tinkle digest, with several witty and moral stories that made you ingest the richness of Indian culture and thinking. But that wasn’t all. Tintin , Calvin and Hobbes, Garfield, Asterix, Phantom  were the  western comics that opened a different world before me.

In my teens, I started reading manga, starting with Naruto , Bleach, One Piece ..and that gradually took over my reading list for the next couple of years.  I managed to read several hundreds of Japanese manga , Korean webnovels and Chinese manhua .

My love of comics is so deep that it has become a part of my identity. Even today a Poster from Kingdom adorns the wall in my bedroom . I read at least 15 to 20 chapters of comics every week , and that is like the bare minimum when I am totally swamped with work .I even built a Comics Viewer App for Android , after discovering several amazing public domain comics ! I bought a Tablet just for reading comics, so you can understand how seriously I take my comics 😀

Over the years, some of these comics have struck a chord with me , and every one of them is a good read.  I am not going to go in detail ,  read three or four chapters and you will be hooked.

Japanese:   Kingdom  , History’s strongest disciple

Chinese : Cultivation chat group, Tales of Demons and Gods

Indian :  Ramayan 3392 AD , Amar Chitra Katha

Korean : Breaker ,The Ruler of the land  , Gosu , Moonlight Sculptor




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